To the diet gurus

Dear diet gurus,

I am writing this letter to thank you and to compliment you on the excellent work you are doing.

Indeed, thanks to you, more and more people are calling on my services to lose weight.

It must be said that your models, all different in appearance but ultimately very similar, have greatly contributed to removing any benchmark in terms of nutrition to millions of people in distress.

I admire how you get, through your books and websites, to convince so many individuals of the merits of your theories: you are the new gurus of those souls in perdition!

I must admit that you also complicate my task: my patients want quick results and to be given specific instructions to find their figure. They look at me incredulously when I tell them there are no taboo foods and they have to rediscover their food sensations. And they really do not like me telling them that it will may be take some time …

I understand their skepticism: you have accustomed them to so much better! Your indoctrination is near perfection!

We should associate: you destroy all their landmarks by making them lose weight quickly, and when after several attempts they are completely disempowered and subject to serious eating disorders, I take care of them. We still have many years ahead …

We could also include doctors in our partnership to take care of those who are experiencing serious health issues by following your methods?