My name is Philippe Tahon.

Originally from Belgium, now living in West London, I am fluent in French and English.

I have been working as a therapist and coach for 18 years.

My research and contact with many health industry professionals, including doctors, dieticians and pharmacists, has allowed me to occupy a unique place in my specialist field. During the course of my years as a therapist I have developed an innovative approach to weight loss, developing a programme that deals specifically with the problems of weight, self-image and addictions. 

I have gained a deep understanding of these issues after having myself gone through a 15 year yo-yo period of weight loss and regain. It took me years of frustration, guilt and isolation, due to the misunderstanding of friends and family – ‘but you just have to make an effort’ – before I finally got to the bottom of my struggles with food, and lost 5 stone.