The names have been changed for privacy reasons

“I worked with Philippe for a relatively short time – about 12 sessions in all – and the impact was far more than I expected. Outside of the initial expectation which was to diminish the effect my emotions had on my eating, everything else improved alongside. As a result, I felt more confident about raising my fees and shortly after my last session I signed my biggest contract yet, as a direct result of our work together. I recommend Philippe highly – his style is professional but friendly and he is tough without being hard. I miss our talks.”


“I started work with Philippe on getting my weight down through psychology and thereby taking a holistic approach. It has been hugely successful and what he has helped me with in particular is banishing my mental demons which leads to health and wellbeing. It is a huge relief to get rid of my tiresome baggage, both mentally and physically!”


“Working with Philippe has given me new insight and new techniques to address my issues with food and has helped me lose weight without dieting. It’s not magic: it requires openness and commitment to be successful but I believe this approach can provide a sustainable answer to yo-yo dieting.”


“Philippe has had a profound impact on my life. I lost over two stone in about three months. He is straightforward, insightful, kind and his method make sense. The weight loss feels long lasting because he addresses deep rooted reasons for over eating as well as changing unhelpful eating patterns and discussing potential stumbling blocks. So many people have told me how great I am looking and have asked me what diet I am on and I answer them by saying it’s not a diet – it’s Philippe!”


“Mindful eating saved my life. Seriously ! I’m back to size 12 and my pre-children weight. I’m coping with the menopause….my husband’s midlife crisis affair…. I look in the mirror and see the real me, and that’s priceless.”